We're serious suckers for tradition, soul, family and food: we live for the old school cookbooks and family feasts that are 3 generations deep and 3 (very long!) courses long. We also really love sauce: hot sauce, cheese sauce, chili sauce, pasta sauce, dumpling sauce — in fact, we've never met a sauce, condiment or salsa we didn't love. Holy Tshili is a sauce packed with soul & tradition - because the best sauces really take you places. And our place is NYC, home of the best downtown bagel shops, Chinatown dim sum joints, Midtown ramen bars and rice bowl spots.

Holy Tshili was inspired by our three favorite condiments: Toasty, crispy everything bagel seeds, spicy, luxurious Chinese chili crisp and the savory, delicious umami kick of Japanese furikake. We put all 3 on everything and that's how Holy Tshili was born. 

Conceived in quarantine of April 2020, Holy Tshili was the answer to adding more soul to everything when that soul was desperately in need: it made eggs fiery, it made soups sexy, it made pasta primo, it made dumplings pop, and it turned us into total addicts. We shared our love on the ‘gram and were overwhelmed by the response: everyone wanted their own stash of our spicy, crispy condiment!


We made a few test batches, donned our masks and gloves and set off to deliver Holy Tshili (from a socially safe distance!) to all of our quarantined friends and family in the NYC area. They cooked with it, ate it straight from the jar, posted about it online - and most of them were all out in about a week's time. We were blown away! And we knew we had to make more.

And we did. 

So, smitten by your obsession and love for Holy Tshili and our passion for sauce and soul, we started a condiment company, and we couldn't be more excited to share all of this Holy Tshili goodness with y'all! 

You're definitely going to want to pour this stuff all over EVERYTHING!


Team Holy Tshili!