By Anna Tutty


Long before lockdown, WATG and Wimberly Interiors’ global network of designers, makers and creators have looked beyond their every day to inspire ideas and innovations. In this new series, Making Their Mark, we shine a spotlight on our team members and creative associates, and the passion projects they pursue outside of 9–5 – not only for their personal mental health, well-being and growth, but for the benefit of their clients, projects and colleagues. Fostering a spirit of creativity, innovation, individualism and imagination among our ‘ohana’ (family) has been central to our firm since its founding seventy-five years ago, and we are proud to support one another not only at work, but externally as well.


Today, we interview Sasha Shor – creative director, storyteller, brand builder and Wimberly Interiors collaborator. With a CV that spans McCann Erickson, FCB, Sundance, Xbox and Dwayne Johnson’s Seven Bucks Production, Sasha is a master of cult and culture – which is why it comes as no surprise that her isolation ‘a-ha’ moment is taking the internet – and people’s taste buds – by storm.


That’s how Holy Tshili was born. Watching my pod mates drown everything in everything bagel seeds and spicy chili crisp gave me that lightbulb moment: The world needs even more crisp, crunch, flavor and searing spice to obsess over! So, alongside consulting for my entertainment branding clients on their new social strategies and marketing campaigns, I launched a new line of very special, very addictive condiments: Holy Tshili Jewish-Chinese Everything Chili Crisp and Holy Tshili Jewish-Japanese Everything Chili Furikake. After a few posts on Instagram, people went nuts for them and a handful of food influencers were hooked and posting about them nonstop! So we did several small test runs, sold out both times and are now ramping up for a much bigger run with pre-orders already piling up! Follow @holytshili on Instagram.  Read the full article here:


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